Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Raggedy Doll No More

Dear Treasured Friends,

Things have been so busy since the show launched, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to write and put things together. But I wanted to share this with you, because it's something that touched me so much the first time I read it, and it still means a great deal to me.

This is a poem by Celestine Davis Todd, who was one of the winners of the Beauty Live makeovers. Celestine has had to overcome so much, and she has done it by looking to God. Over a month has passed since Beauty Live, and I know that the pampering and TLC she got that day, the friends she made, and the love she felt made a difference for her.

 I was so moved to find this poem enclosed with the rest of Celestine's application because it showed me that she hasn't given up. It showed me that she knew that she had been through a lot and that she was dealing with challenges. But it also showed me that these things had not overtaken her, and that she could really use the rest and relaxation that we got to give her. And she did! She and the rest of the winners are still in touch, and they will always be able to share with each other and support each other.

I'm very lucky to be as busy as I am this year. I am living my dream, not just at home as a mommy and a wife but in my professional life as well. But I'm going to make sure that this year I carve out time to share with you about how important it is to believe in yourself, to treasure yourself, and to remember that, no matter your difficulties or challenges, you are worth so much.

With love,


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